Creative brand strategy straight from the heart.


This is not another textbook about branding.


We will take you through a series of simple steps to show you how to develop a unique brand that reflects your own personality, your own values and the essence of what makes you YOU. We will show you how to use what you learn about yourself to develop a brand-led business.


The book is packed full of practical exercises to enable you to build up a real picture of who are you and how you differentiate yourself in a very competitive marketplace


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"A great read, education and reminder that building a small brand is achievable. I’m about to embark on a reshape of my little business after a bit of a hiatus and I’m now more excited than ever about getting started."

Faith Arellaon 23 March 2017


"Clearly brilliant!"

"I love the examples given in the book. They make it real and familiar, I could relate to them and use the understanding to look at my own business with new eyes.


The simple, short written exercises focused my mind and crystallised ideas in a highly productive way...


If you want to build a business that is built on integrity, this is the book for you." Clare Jackson


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Personal Branding


Publications/Future Thinking Lab

Lighting in the Circular Economy.

A 1000 word research document for Brighton University and Philips Lighting, Netherlands. April 2015




Brands think like their customers, but do they feel like them? Article on Brand Empathy for Branding Magazine




Is it the message ON the bottle or IN the bottle that counts? Article on Brand Personalisation for Branding Magazine.




Forget about your looks for a second and just listen. Article about sound design and the impact it can have on sensory brand attachment, brand voice, recall, memories etc. For Branding Magazine.




Can a Social Network really smell of Roses? Preliminary research document For ESC Rennes




Dialogues. I worked on this Design and research project in 2013 on Transgenerational Design between  Aalto University, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique and the Politecnico di Milano.

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