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How we work...

Firstly, we have to understand your objectives. If you are business, what are your goals, future projects or opportunities? Who will be taking part in the workshop? What are your immediate for your project?


If you are University or Grand Ecole, what are your pedagogical objectives? What type of students will we be teaching/training?


Our workshops can be very structured or very open in terms of methodology, using brainstorming techniques, creative techniques, roleplaying, video etc... but, interaction and audence participation are always necessary!


Our themed workshops take place in the Centre of Nantes or we can deliver the course at your business or educational establishment, anywhere in Europe. We can adapt exactly to your requirements and to the size and type of business i.e. we have have non-profit daily rates.

For schools, payment can be negotiated based on your school's daily or hourly rates and payment terms.


Please get in touch via mail or telephone 0667452888


or on the contact page on this site for dates of our forthcoming workshops or to discuss your personal needs

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Learning what it's like to feel old.

Empathy exercise.

Empathy mirroring exercise.

Sticky notes exercise.

Dirty Prototyping Brand Experience.

Customer Journey Mapping.

Tel: +33 (0)667452888 to have a heart-to-heart.

"If you're looking to push your boundaries in terms of creativity or branding look no further - Sue is your lady! A real pleasure to work with: naturally putting you at your ease whilst helping you think out of the box. I look forward to working with Sue again in the future." linkedIn reference.


Victoria Caldy

Marketing & Business Development Director  at BIOMEDICAL TISSUES

Creative Brainstorming