Creative brand strategy straight from the heart.


Sue Alouche - founder.

Career path UK/France

30 years experience in Design Industry.

Studio Manager - Conran Associates

Associate Director - Design Solution

Business Development and Research. Reich and Petch (Canada)

Co-founder. Eureka! Design.

Independent Consultant - Branding Communications Charity Sector.

Founder. Creativité Consultants (France 2008).


Past clients include

Amnesty International (UK)


Budgens Supermarkets (UK)

Cutler and Gross (UK)

Lego (Denmark)

Louis Vuitton (France)

Prince's Square, Glasgow.(UK)

Tesco Supermarkets. (UK)

World Development Movement. (UK)


Experience in Europe:

Anglocom (France)

Blue Ring (via Ubik) France

Chap'ti Atelier Editorial (France)

Claudia N Couture (Norway)

Groupe Chessé, (France)

Ladies de Nantes (France)

Nantes Just Imagine (France)

Philips (Netherlands)

So N'Ice (France)

Terra 21 (France)












The story of a broken heart...

So now you know where the heart comes from and as our name and slogan implies creativity is at the heart of everything we do.


Why do something the same way everytime, when you can use a more creative approach,

new tools, new ways of thinking and achieve more interesting results?


My dad loved gardening and when I was young I used to enjoy helping him in our garden. One of my dad's favourite plants was the Bleeding Heart. One day he told me a story about this plant,  whilst dissecting the flower at the same time to demonstrate the different parts of the story.


Here is the story, which I have since found on a few blogs and websites since. It originates from Japan, and has been made into a book.



Just click the pic to download the full story...


Tel: +33 (0)667452888 to have a heart-to-heart.

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